Ignite Change with Amber J

Energy Transformation: Tapping into Your Reserves and Reclaiming Your Power

June 08, 2023 Amber J. Lawson Season 1 Episode 6
Ignite Change with Amber J
Energy Transformation: Tapping into Your Reserves and Reclaiming Your Power
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Get ready to tap into your energy reserves and reclaim what's rightfully yours! Close your eyes if you can, and let's embark on a transformative journey. 

Today, we're focusing on the "E" in CARE, which stands for energy. Have you ever felt like you're leaking energy or holding onto unresolved emotions? I'll guide you through a visualization exercise to call back your energy and restore balance to your energetic field. We'll pour out any stuck energy into the loving embrace of Mother Earth, envelop ourselves in a comforting white light, and reclaim the energy we've exchanged with others. 

It's a powerful process that leaves you feeling whole, complete, and truly LIT. Let go of stuck energy and surrender to the magic of trying new things—it's time to challenge yourself and find relief in this new chapter of your life.

After listening to this episode, take a moment to reflect and journal about your experience. What landed or resonated with you? What practices are working for you? Share your insights with me—I'd love to hear from you. 

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While I've been walking around with some gaps in me, in my energetic field, I call that energy back. I have been giving my energy away to people or relationships that don't deserve it, that I'm no longer a part of that is not in alignment with me. So I reclaim that right now I bring that back into me. And I am holding complete I say it now I am whole and complete. I am an energetic being I am whole and complete deep breath in. Let it out. welcome or welcome back to ignite change podcast, I am your host, Amber J. Lawson, I'm so grateful you're on this journey. We are building the foundation to this chapter of our lives. You know, I help women over 40, navigate change and come out a woman on fire. That's what we're here to do to get lit together. It seems counter intuitive. So many of us and I'll speak from AI and the network of women I am around in the entertainment tech startup entrepreneurial world is that I had to grind it out, I didn't even know how to get in touch really with my feelings. It took transformation and being in a program that really shined a light that I was suppressing it I didn't even know I was suppressing my emotions, my feelings, and I definitely didn't know how to access them. And if if just by chance, I had some emotion pop up, like I needed to cry, or in a movie, even I would stuff it down. I didn't want anyone to see me crying, having emotion having feelings moves through me. Because frankly, my fear was if I had these emotions, I didn't know how to control them. And that's the truth. You don't know how to control our emotions. And frankly, it's been weaponized specifically for women and actually men, that you're weak, that you are susceptible to that I mean that is vulnerability susceptible or are capable of being harmed. And who wants that? Nobody. However, our vulnerability is the gateway to our connection. And as human beings that is the only thing we desire is connection. Everything we do, is out of our seeking and desire for love, to love and to be loved. And when you boil it down to that it's like what have I been doing? What is this ridiculousness that I have been perpetuating in my life and, and frankly putting on others, we put that on our spouses on our partners, and the masculine the men in our lives. And I'm talking from a pretty sis white headrow woman who identifies as a she her is that I had villainized men who were emotional, who shared their emotions, versus this is our deepening. This is our divine connection and where magic happens, where peace happens on the Earth, where healing is available. So that is why this is so important that we do this right here right now. And we're in this series of self care. We're building the foundation in order to we're going to refer back to this throughout the journey of this podcast of the tips, tools and tricks. And there is no kind of getting around it at some point we in there is an awakening. It was called the midlife crisis. I call it the midlife awakening where the shoulds that we were doing in our lives, we should have a career we should have so many kids, we should buy a house when we stop shooting all over ourselves and tune into what we actually desire. And I know that sounds goofy, but here's the here's the truth. You are the only one who knows what you need. And we have Disney fide and romance that our partner can fill that need that people outside of ourselves should know how to make us happy how to fulfill our needs. Nobody. And I mean nobody is a mind reader. Like Whew, that's a mind blowing concept of Wait, you don't know what I need? I don't even know what I need. So how could someone else feel that within me, it's the craziest notion that the prince will come sweep us off our feet and all our problems be solved. All the things start in relationship is where we expand and grow and where our traumas come up, to be healed through our relationships. But it's not always fun. Like, and our partners don't know the answers. So step one, and why self care is so important is I take time for myself, in order to get clear on what I actually want, need and desire, so that I can communicate it with those people that can help that happen in my life. Maybe that's a partner, maybe it's your children, maybe it's a co worker. But if I don't know, how would somebody else know? Or right, and that brings us to so we've done self care, see, compassion and curiosity for myself and others, a affirmations. And one of the things that I don't know if I talked about in affirmations is there is the past, present, and future. So I want I want comes from the lack. It's like sitting back and I want to say I may have another, right, it's I want so so we take that out of our language, I don't want I am, I am love, I am abundant, I am fulfilled, I am beautiful I am is my present. And then the future, how we talk into this is where we're reflecting on the past. I love how I loved how easily I got that job of my dreams, and how I met my current partner. And you're, what you're doing is you're writing they call it scripting, you write the story of your life, from it already happening. And here's the thing about our consciousness, how our brain works, is that our brain believes it. So the more we feed it, so just think what you're feeding your brain. I'm stupid, I'm fat, and all that stuff. The brain is like, Okay, if that's what we are, then that's what we are versus my life unfolds for me with ease and Flo, I love how partners came to me. And we shared audiences on our podcast, and I was able to connect with so many women who are in this chapter of their life. Do you see what I'm saying? Like this is scripting, what do I want my life to be and let's speak into it as if it were already happened is already so so affirmations. This is this is a secret tool tip tools and tricks right here. This is a trick to support you in activating this next chapter. I love how I called in an amazing group of women who I felt so connected so deeply connected with in this chapter of my life. And it came so clearly to me what I was stepping into writing this book or creating a new relationship, getting healthy, whatever that was, and how easily it came to me as an ease and flow. I grew so much in this period of time. I'm grateful that I allowed myself the space to grow, and not to have to have it perfected, but to allow it to unfold as it unfolded. And that that is the story of my life. So that's an exercise you can take on write the story of your life. Where do you see yourself six months from now? What's happening in your life? Where do you live? Who's with you? What are you wearing? What you do for breakfast? Where do you vacation? Who are the main characters in your life? The really fun exercise and you are in infinite possibility. It's all available to you.

You get to create whatever you want. That's, that's the exciting news. And the scary news is you can create whatever you want and you are 100% responsible for 100% of your results. Okay, back to so see. Compassion and curiosity. A affirmations are rituals. So being aware of the rituals I already have in my life. Getting clear. So the three C's clarity on the rituals already in existence in my life, clear Doing clearing out the things that don't serve me maybe it's sitting on Instagram or social media all day, maybe it's wasting time with certain people, maybe it's certain beliefs that no longer serve you. That are rituals that you are feeding into unconsciously in your day. So consciously choosing the rituals and how you create your day setting yourself up into the life you desire. Car rituals, II and today is E energy. So when I care for myself when I put my oxygen mask on first when I when I am clear, right, just think of all the conversations you've gone round and round about around with, and you're so frustrated and angry and flabbergasted. And all the things and how much energy that wastes versus when I tune in, I take five minutes. What do I actually want? What do I desire today? What do I desire in the next hour, getting clear? Oh, I want to nap, oh, I want a healthy meal, oh, I want to connect with my partner, oh, then I'm not spending all these wheels on a to do list on talking round and round frustrating being upset or angry. I generate more energy when I come from this space. The second part of this and this is the real exercise of today is calling back all of the energy that you have exchanged in your life. What what does that even mean average. So I'll take us through a process today. And we're going to call back the energy in our life. This is a tool you can use at any time. Bring this back up. So what we're going to do is we're going to close our eyes, I'm going to walk you through a visualization. If your mind wanders, your mind wanders, that's fine. Again, we're at the gymnasium of transformation. So we're working new muscles. And I invite you to see what bubbles up. What's interesting about this little process that I'll walk you through, and then there's going to be a little part after that. So hang with us after that completes, is how much energy we have stuck with past relationships, unresolved situations. And this process is a opportunity to clear that up. We're leaking energy all over the place. Old relationships, old bosses, old jobs and maybe anger with your neighbor or a misunderstanding in a friendship. All right, so how we're going to do this is put your feet on the floor, close your eyes, the breath in pulling from the bottom of your feet. Let it out again, in your mind's eye see pulling from the center of the Earth, pulling up the Earth's energy into your physical body. All the way up, sip, sip, sip and blow it out. Taking Take another deep breath in. All the way up Sip, sip, sip and blow it out. And one more sweet breath in and let it out. Sitting here in the nothingness and the everything with your eyes closed connecting 300 feet above your head to light source energy. No meaning to that just energy coming in through the top of your head and think of it as like a roto rooter you know cleansing clearing out any stuck energy in your brain, in your eyes, sockets in your cheeks in your jaw, maybe your jaws clenched relax it your throat, opening your throat, your neck, relaxing your neck allowing this to move down into your arms down your spine into your heart opening your heart from the front. Opening your heart from the back

allow this light to move into your guts in into your organs, giving your organs some love. into your womb space your creation center, or recreate life on this planet we also create and birth ideas. Opening and activating cleansing any stuck energy in this area in our hips, our route, you hold a lot of emotional energy in our hips, releasing that moving down your legs, your knees, your shins, your ankles, your feet and your toes, and pouring out all that stuck energy into Mother Earth, where she is transmuting this allowing this energy to flow to the center of the Earth where it gets lit, or it gets reactivated, coming all the way up your legs, up your roots into your heart and expanding past your body enveloping you in light. Allow this light to expand, enveloping your entire building you're in whatever you are in right now. You are held in white light, in love are loved you are love. So from here in your mind's eye, with no judgment, with no free planning, just notice people in your life you still have energy with. So maybe it is an old boyfriend in high school that you said if we're not married by 40 We will get married we'll come back together. If there's a cord of some kind from your childhood maybe you told your father never to remarry. The cord, the energetic cord there maybe there was a friend in college or at your first job. Something broke down and there's an energy still stuck there. cut the cord and allow that energy to come back to you. And I'll just be quiet for a minute or two here and just scan around your life and look at people you have energy with old lovers, old bosses, business partners. Friends and if a cord needs to be cut, cut it if the energy just needs to be reclaimed, reclaim it, bring it back into the bank of you and recollect that energy

just want to add that the relationship doesn't have to be bad or over or got blown up just may be someone you haven't created a boundary with and you are calling back that energy to take one more scan

and we'll say I reclaim my energy I call back my energy from this person. I reclaim my energy and I put that back onto me I pull that energy back into me. Notice while I've been walking around with some gaps in me in my energetic field, I call that energy back. I have been giving my energy away to people or relationships that don't deserve it that I'm no longer a part of that is not in alignment with me so I reclaim that right now. I bring that back into me. And I am holding complete I say it now I am holding complete. I am an energetic being I I am whole and complete deep breath in let it out. And from here in this whole incomplete state, you can call back energy any time. Now, we notice where I am giving my energy and I consciously give it I choose to give an energy exchange I notice when the energy exchange is not even, or is not to my benefit. And I call that energy back in. Now, from here I am potent powerful, I can tune into what I am truly desiring I am a lit, this is well lit feels like the breath in, let it out. Now, this is a process you can do at any time, calling back your energy is so potent and powerful it is important in reclaiming empowering ourselves, releasing old relationships that no longer serve us that we have given ourselves to we tend to give ourselves in the feminine. Sometimes when people don't ask, that's another one. So where am I leaking my energy, I reclaim it, now. I reclaim it. Now I reclaim it now. And so it is. And so it is. And so with that I give you the final step of this is celebration, I know there have been a lot of new concepts shared with you, maybe they're maybe they're not new, but good reminders, good practices to come back to. So anytime we complete one of these cycles, I like to reflect the opportunity is to go back when self care was first introduced, you're like, I do not have time for this. Notice how you softened, how you've maybe surrendered to trying some new things. And in those new things, what has come up for you? What has bubbled to the surface, I feel better, I feel whole and complete, I feel energized, I feel empowered. I feel like I have more time and space. By doing this, which I thought the opposite of it's it's challenged my beliefs. And I have seen it, I've experienced it in my life. So this is the celebration. So number one is write it down in your journal. Because so quickly, we go back into life. And we're like I found like we forget about the things, how simple it is. Like it's not brain surgery, but we have to commit to it. It is the commitment to doing things differently. Like things have led us to this moment. And some things have worked, and some things haven't. And this is a new moment, and we're trying out new things. So I celebrate you for trying out new things, for trusting me. But more importantly trusting yourself. To do this to try new things, to expand your knowing your knowledge base your belief system, in order to find relief to explore the next chapter of your life, the next chapter of you how frickin exciting is that? You can be anything. It's all made up. How cool is that? Okay, so write down what you're celebrating, where have you expanded reflect on where you've expanded in this little series that we just did of self care? What are the tools you're taking with you and you're going to continue to practice? So write those down to remind yourself, and then please share them with me. I want to know what's working. What are the things that like really landed with you, that really resonated with you I want to know, I want to hear because I can double down on that I can give us more of that. I have a million tools up the sleeves. I am here for it and I'm here to get lit with you. That's what we're here to do. We're igniting change in this podcast. Remember to download the guide if you haven't already. And just ping me I want to know what's working. I want to know what's working. And also what's not working. Where are you stuck? Where is there maybe fear or apprehension showing up? I'm here for you in that as well. Such an honor to be with you on this. I celebrate you. You're doing great, good job. And I will see you other deck session on Thursdays ignite change every Thursday. Follow us on social media. I'll keep you updated and posted. And again, ping me let me know what's going on. I want to hear the updates. Until then, I'm averaging

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