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Ignite Change with Amber J

Amber J. Lawson

Imagine feeling a “SPARC” of change ignite within you, illuminating the path to your best life. I'm Amber J, your guide on this transformative journey, and this is the Ignite Change podcast.

So many of us have been there - feeling trapped in a career that drains us, yearning for fulfilling relationships, or simply wanting to prioritize ourselves. As we navigate midlife changes, our bodies, our health, and even menopause, these feelings can intensify.

I've walked red carpets, presented on international stages, and held a leadership role in the boardroom. Yet, despite ticking all the boxes, I still felt unfulfilled. I embarked on my own midlife crisis (or as i like to call it awakening to my worth), exploring every avenue to rediscover my worth and happiness. And now, I want to share my experiences to light your way.

Join me each Thursday as we IGINITE CHANGE in every area of your life. Together, we'll tackle your challenges head-on, utilizing the tools, experiences, and teachers to craft the next thrilling chapter of your life - a chapter that's all about YOU.

Whether you're seeking to reignite passion in your relationships, empower yourself in your career, or simply put yourself first for once, Ignite Change is your beacon. We'll explore unconventional paths, too.  Been there, done that - I've even tried all the things like ayahuasca and attended sex parties, to name a few!

Tap into your potential and fan the flames of transformation. It's your turn to ask for more, to break the rules, and to create a life that truly sets your soul on fire. Will you join me to ignite your change? Follow the Ignite Change podcast now and step into your power. Let's get lit!