Ignite Change with Amber J

Self-Discovery and Empowerment through Rituals

June 08, 2023 Amber J. Lawson Season 1 Episode 5
Ignite Change with Amber J
Self-Discovery and Empowerment through Rituals
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I invite you to turn the page and embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment with me.  Today, we're diving into the "R" from CARE, which stands for Ritual. We'll explore the various types of rituals, from religious traditions to personal practices. Discover how rituals can help you slow down, reflect, and create meaningful connections with loved ones and yourself.

I'll share my morning ritual that helps me reconnect with my body and align my frequency with the universe. We'll also discuss the role of vibration and how you can change your state through various tools, like dancing, meditation, or simply taking a walk.

I’ll explain how you can do a body scan to help you release unnecessary rituals and make room for positive change. By dedicating time for radical acts of self-care like these, you give yourself permission to step into your power and inspire others to do the same.

We're flexing our new muscles, taking the time to slow down, and tune in to our true desires. So, grab a cup of tea, light some candles, and get ready to transform your life from within. Let's get lit together and create the change we want to see.

We have visual aids to enhance your understanding. Don't forget to download our free CARE guide to follow along!
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I can choose how I would like to move through my day, I have a tendency to get right on my phone and look at Instagram. Now there is nothing on Instagram, that's going to start my day off in a more powerful way, maybe an astrological report or some cute meme. But that's actually not how I want to start my day. So a lot of times how I start my day when I'm waking up, and Leo isn't demanding me to take him out. Immediately, I will click on all four sides. And you'll see that on the PDF, I'll cook on all four sides. It's like waking up all the parts of my body, starting with wiggling my toes, rolling my ankle, rubbing my body into the bed, having your ethereal self coming back into your physical body. Oh, welcome, or welcome back to ignite change. I am Amber J. Lawson, your host. And this episode is part of a series, a foundational series for building of any chapter of your life, the building blocks to support you in having a strong, grounded foundation for the next chapter of your life the next season that you're stepping into. So self care is the pin ultimate. And something we probably weren't taught maybe we have a idea of what self care is of meditation and spas. And that actually may not be self care for you, it gets to be a bit of an exploration. And that is what I am offering in this mini series inside of Ignite change is the steps in self care. So self care, putting your oxygen mask on first, if you're dead on the floor, you can't help anybody else out. So if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I have many, many more where these came from. But the truth of the matter is, is the divine feminine is the center of creation. And we get to take care of ourselves and in a society where it's like grind it out, kill it, do you know work 80 hours a week and that celebrate it, it actually is the opposite. When we take time for ourselves. If we don't have health, we don't have anything. Steve Jobs will be the first to tell you that. So when we give ourselves time to slow down, take a deep breath. Let it out. We tune in to what we actually want. When we slow down long enough, we get the answers we're seeking versus what we've been taught is doing our way through it pushing through versus slowing down. I know it's counterintuitive, but slowing down long enough to hear what your truth is around any of these subjects around any problem that you are experiencing. Right now I'm experiencing Leo humping his bed underneath my feet. By the way, oh, this episode will be a good one to watch. So if you haven't visited our YouTube channel, pop over to the YouTube channel. It's in the show notes. And follow us obviously on Instagram. And any platform, we'd love to hear from you. We I me, I would love to hear from you. I'd like to hear what is unfolding just by trying this. Listen, five minutes can change your life. I promise you, I am here for it. And I'm here to support you in it. But this episode, in particular, we'll get into in a moment is about ritual. So I'm going to have some visual aids. So pop over to the YouTube channel and check out the processes that we will go through my intention in sharing these with you. Some of them may be too woowoo may feel too corny, but you have full permission to try things. Practice things. We're here to practice. We're not getting to the end. We're not getting the answer and moving on to the next thing. Life is a journey. I don't know how many times we have to hear it but we are on the road. So try some things you may find you like them. Maybe that's why we've been avoiding them. Am I right or am i right? So this series self care I see a r e. C, compassion and curiosity, a affirmations, which I'll touch a little bit more on. And And my question to you in this moment is, what is the affirmation that resonated the most for you? What are you speaking into creating in the world, our words create our world. So what words are you using to create your world? Great affirmations today is rituals, rituals. And tomorrow or the next episode is energy eat, see ar e for you to remember. Also, you can download this on the website, Goddess processed.us. It's at the top bar, put in your email address, free download, grab it. And there's lots of different self care acts on there to hopefully inspire you into action. And to know you are not alone in this, wherever you are on this journey. This chapter of change in your life, what do they say the constants in life death and taxes and change, change, change change? Welcome. So today we are diving into rituals. Now, rituals can have a witchy connotation, standing around the cauldron and putting in the eye of newt and putting hexes on voodoo dolls. And maybe that's a ritual you do, right? That's definitely a path you can take. There's also religious rituals, which I really like I am I call myself Jewish. I have 7% Ashkenazi Jew in me and I like to really amplify that. But a lot of my girlfriends are Jewish, and I love the new year. I love the reflection period. I love fasting and coming out and breaking the fast and I like having ritual. I like having opportunities that are in the calendar for declared slowing down reflection time with family or chosen family to slow down and get clear on what I create in the world. So often we are go go going, we're on to the next thing. Yeah, I want the me on the next thing I want on the Oscar. Now I'm on to the next thing. Yeah, I had the kid now on the next thing, go back to work, do the thing. opportunity to reflect and I do this as a process every year, I invite you to do the same at the end of the year. To go month by month, go through your calendar. Look at all the meetings you took all the vacations or experiences or dates, maybe dating is new in your life. All of those leaps of faith, those expansion opportunities, maybe there was hurt and heartbreak. But you're also you get to reflect that this too shall pass. I was so upset about XY and Z in February. And now in August, it's not even on my radar.

So when we see that we get to see, aim resilient. Things don't last, everything is impermanent, the highs mean there will be lows and the lows mean there will be highs it is a law of the universe we live in. So today is about rituals. It's an opportunity to reflect what are the rituals you have in your life. And maybe that means family rituals. So for me, I grew up in an Italian family on Sunday, we would go to church, and we will go to grandma's house afterwards. And we would all sit around the table and share what happened at church who brought the wrong casserole, who's doing what when were with who. And that was a ritual that I loved as a child. So maybe you have family rituals, things that you do that you don't even consider as rituals. Maybe you look at them more as obligations. Interesting just to reflect and and here's an opportunity. By the way, if you haven't journaled before, or you journal all the time, grab your journal as we're talking together here. And I invite you things will pop up in your head, write them down and maybe it's not For a deep dive now, but it's something you will come back to the idea I have around ritual that it needs to look a certain way that it has to last a certain amount of time versus rituals can be, I wake up and I look at my phone first thing in the morning. It's an unconscious ritual. And so when I notice these things, and not making that good, bad, right or wrong, that I can choose how I would like to move through my day. So I have a tendency to get right on my phone and look at Instagram. Now there is nothing on Instagram, that's going to start my day off in a more powerful way, maybe an astrological report or some cute meme. But that's actually not how I want to start my day. So a lot of times how I start my day when I'm kind of waking up, and Leo isn't demanding me to take him out. Immediately, I will click on all four sides. And you'll see that on the PDF. I'll cook on all four sides. It's like waking up all the parts of my body starting with wiggling my toes, rolling my ankle, rubbing my body into the bed feeling waking up kind of every part of your body, having your ethereal self coming back into your physical body. And then I like to put on either some binaural beats, which you can find on YouTube, they're free, there's hours and hours and hours of it. Maybe you want happiness. You want abundance and success you want downloads, I also tend to put I sleep with binaural beats every single night. So that is a non negotiable with me is this ambient binaural beats in the background and allowing my brain to be working for me throughout the night, relaxing me creating health and well being in my life, especially as I've been going through this cancer journey, doubling down on these tools. Whenever I'm going through a health challenge. What are the things that will support me, I did rituals in my house this week, in preparation of going into surgery and having the passing of my stepdad having protection for my dog as I'm away because he got attacked. So putting these things into your life, I know is on a tangent and I just got distracted, so much to tell you so much to share with you so much wisdom that I hope support you in your transformational journey. So I wake up in the morning I put on Abraham Hicks. So if you don't know Abraham, hurt her, her name is Esther Hicks. She is a channel of an infinite being Abraham, who speaks the truths of our universe. And whenever I listen, there are like 15 minute audio recordings. And it just reminds me, the universe is working in my favor. And it's up to me to raise my vibration to match the things I'm calling it which is great ritual work. We are we're all just vibrations and what is our vibrational match if you take a surveillance of what you have around you, it is a good barometer of what you have been allowing into your life what you've been vibrating at what's matching your vibration. So how awesome is this? If you don't like it, you can change your vibration Amber J, how do I change my vibration through ritual, which we're doing today through affirmations through compassion and curiosity and then our energy which we'll cover in the next episode, I use a multitude of tools to shift my vibration. Number one, and the easiest and the one I preach is dancing. Put on a song I have a ton of playlists on Spotify. If you search woman on fire or goddess process, or me you will find a ton of playlists there's new moon and full moon and sexy and breakup and fun. And so put on a song and move your body whatever mood you're in. Sometimes it's like ceremonial and slow or tribal and feeling the earth sometimes it's like ah anger and we swamp as swamping is a part of our repertoire. Our tools that we use in women on fire from Mama Gina, because anger is suppressed gradients. I'll say it again. Anger, a suppressed radiance. So where are you angry in your life? It's okay to be angry. We're taught good girls aren't angry, but we're angry and it and it seeps out of us. We think we're hiding it but we're not. But swamping is a tool to release that? How I shift my state swamping great example. I'll show you how to do that. Or you can look at Mama, Gina's book, pussy reclamation. I have a shake plate right here one of those little shaky things you can get him off of amazon for like 200 bucks. Just shakes the negativity out of my body. All turn on a meditation of a friend My friend Laura Saltman does them on Insight Timer, Dr. Holly does the mind Insight Timer, just be inspired. Anything to raise your vibration, I live here at the beach in Venice, go walking on the beach, nothing better than this, the ocean air, the ions, the negative ions to shift your state. And that's what we're here to do shift our state, we don't have to live in victim we don't have to live in frustration and anger and sadness. It is a choice that we get to shift that I know sometimes that sounds ridiculous, that sounds really hard. But I promise you that when I take 100% responsibility for 100% of my results, I step into power and empowerment. And we're here for that. So we're going to talk about ritual. So just notice the rituals you already have in your life. You wake up in the morning, maybe you get a cup of coffee, I'm a tea drinker, maybe you go on a walk, maybe you go straight to the gym, maybe you journal, these are all rituals, how you take a shower or bath, and then you put on your makeup, and you brush your hair. These are all ritual movements. And now that we're aware of them, how would you choose in order to make that more intentional to support what you are creating in the world, how you're navigating the next chapter, maybe you're a busy mom, and you have rolled out of bed, you you throw on the dirty clothes from yesterday, and you're immediately taking the kids to school, versus getting up bathing your body putting lotion on feeling getting back into your body, into your individual beingness as opposed to that service to everyone else. And that tends to be a season that happens in particular to women, where we're putting children or others ahead of ourselves at the detriment of our own health, our well being, but also our self worth.

I'll just sit that there for for a moment. Like where am I not putting myself first it is not an act of ego. It is an act of oxygen mask. You are an individual amazing talented being that is meant to be on the planet at this time. We are lucky and grateful you are here and you're meant to shine. We become aware we get some clarity always with the three C's clarity on what are the rituals that are in my life clearing what is not working for me waking up and looking Instagram wasn't working for me putting others ahead of me before I get into my own body not working for me. So what are the things I get to clear out that I get to shift in order to support me being the radiant divine goddess I am on the planet today to ignite the fire that is in me to ignite the change I am calling in in my life. All right. So rituals, rituals, rituals can be anything they can so I brought a couple of tools I like to use it may be as fun as wearing a crown. See if I can get it on my head. Yeah as I mean, hello. doesn't love a crown. I love a crown. You can call in the day with Sambhal This is a little portable sound bowl the sound is green. It's heart chakra calling the day forth calling this journal writing session into play. It is just a distinction from the doing of the day into your time for yourself with the divine. However, that works for you. So bowls, I have tea, I like to drink ceremonial tea. You'll see me drinking tea, I do tea ceremonies in my house. It's a way to deepen with various people sharing tea, going through any sort of deeper dive into connection, saying the things that are on your heart, good for partners actually to come together. Having a tea ceremony talking through the week this worked for me, this didn't work for me, sharing from our truth because if we're not sharing from our truth, we are lying. I'll leave that one here. I like to use various sprays. I have different oils, essential oils I put in water for there's prosperity, abundance, love, anything that you're calling in. I like to call Paul from the oracle decks, there's a million spreads. See what they have to say to you where you get to go deeper. They're great for prompts this may be to move for you. And they may be tools that call to you at different times in your life. Crystals. I went through a very big crystal phase I have a crystal dealer, just be inspired. She has crystal sales once a month on Instagram. So whatever that is for you, I light candles in the four directions I call in my spirit guides, angels and ancestors. I dance to shift the energy sometimes I just write in my journals. Sometimes it's just sitting in reflect, see what downloads I get. I go out in nature a hug a tree. Trees are very potent and powerful nature is potent and powerful especially for women. So I invite you to take off your shoes and put your feet in the grass called grounding go in the forest get naked in nature. So anything that has you shift your consciousness from the doing and bringing you into the present, to allow you to get quiet with yourself to listen to what your inner voice is telling you not the rat race stuff not the doing doing or the looking good conversations any of that. You can do a body scan. As you scan down your body. What needs a little love. Maybe it's your heart or your back, your hips, your route your legs, or ankles, your toes and allowing that to shoot into the middle of the earth transmuting into mama Gaia. Bouncing back up through your feet, all the way up to your heart and surrounding you in white light in unconditional love. You are loved. You are love. You are worthy. From here, expanding out past the building you're in has the state passed the planet in to the universe where you are everything and no thing. You look back at Earth and from here everything is possible. Everything is available to you and for you. The fact you are here is an anomaly. The fact you exist on the planet at this time is is a new miracle miracle. So own it. From this space, allow whatever visions pop into your head colors people, no judgment, no need to connect the dots. Breathe it in

Now wiggle your toes, and roll your shoulders, keeping your eyes closed until you feel you are back into your body. And then take a moment and write down what you saw. And it doesn't need to make sense. Write down this information, maybe you saw nothing, that's okay to maybe just being silent for three minutes is a new space for you. So claim it, do it. Maybe it's lighting a candle, and allowing yourself to smell the sweetness. So today, as your radical act of self care, you're going to take the committed action. So the three C's clarity on the rituals you are doing in your day, clearing, what's no longer serving you, the rituals you're doing unconsciously, you're consciously choosing what you do moving forward, and take the committed action. And maybe that's five minutes of sitting quietly still, maybe that is dancing for one song. Whatever that is, you make a difference. By doing this, I want you to know this is a radical act of self care. And by doing this, you are the ripple effect on the planet. This is making a difference in the world. What happens in the eye is happening in the Wii is happening in the fall. When you give yourself permission to do this, you give others permission to do this, then women around the world have permission to listen to themselves, to speak their truth to shift the trajectory of their life. Everyone gets the opportunity of new chapters of New Seasons of our life. And I'm here to help you get lit to support you in turning the page of those chapters. And living the life you desire. So hope this supported you. I hope you are on fire from today of Oh, I know what I'm gonna do for a ritual just try practice. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you won't. But just try. Just practice this is not a get it done. We're working new muscles we are at the gymnasium of transformation. So these are new muscles is gonna feel weird sometimes. And you're not alone. I am Amber J. This is the Ignite change podcast is an honor to be on this journey with you. I'll see you in the next episode. Until then, let's get let's

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