Ignite Change with Amber J

Transcending Negative Self-Talk: The Power of Affirmations

June 08, 2023 Amber J. Lawson Season 1 Episode 4
Ignite Change with Amber J
Transcending Negative Self-Talk: The Power of Affirmations
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Let's be honest, we all have that negative self-talk lingering in our minds, even when we know it's detrimental to our well-being. In this week's episode, we are tackling this second layer of self-care—our self-talk—and exploring how it affects our overall happiness and fulfillment.

Affirmations are the powerful statements that shape our reality. Affirmations have a profound impact on our thoughts and intentions. Just like the groundbreaking work of Dr. Emoto showed how words affect the molecular structure of water, our self-talk shapes our own being. So why not consciously fill that space within us with affirmations that resonate?

Let's free ourselves from negative self-talk and instead affirm our beauty, worthiness, and enough-ness. Join me on this episode as we explore affirmations and learn to consciously create our DNA through the transformative power of words. Get ready to ignite change within yourself.

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When I put in to me when I mark myself beautiful, worthy, abundant receiving love, I am that the molecular structure of my body conspires in my favor. You can say on the EU scale that I'm going way off the EU scale but scientific and cyan welcome or welcome back to igniting change I am Amber J, your host. Today we are talking about affirmations. That is the second layer of self care, my self talk. I mean, hello, how many of us have negative self talk going around in our heads, even if we have an awareness that something that truly erodes our well being and yet it creeps into the best of us. So that is what we are covering in this week's episode. Oh, God, let's get lit. All right. So I propose to you I challenge you to have make the radical act of self care, whatever that means for you. And just know we're in the gymnasium of transformation. So sometimes you're going to try something and be like, that is not for me, that did not fill my cup. That is not okay with me. And that's okay. That's fine. However, you got to try it. You can't just try it in your mind and then discount it. Like, I can't tell you how many times women I have worked with her like I did journaling. I don't want to write things down, I need to write things down. They write things down. And they're like, oh, my gosh, all these things came up. And I discovered so much about myself. Yes. How long? Are we going to deny ourselves this information? And that's a good question to get curious about, isn't it? The last of our segments, our last episode was about compassion and curiosity. What did you notice? What did you get to have compassion about that? Maybe you were avoiding denying didn't even realize weren't even conscious of. And then what did you get to get curious about? Oh, I reacted to that. Oh, that made me feel a certain way. I'm curious where that comes from? What had me have this feeling in my body this reaction? And then did I take a deep breath in and and check in to see what my authentic truth is, in the moment listening to my inner self, because I'm the only one who can tell me what my solution is. What is happening for me? I can give you the tools, but you got to do them. You got to work out the muscles. Okay. Yeah. Okay. All right. So today, where we are going is to affirmations. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. affirmation, affirmation, man, Stuart smiley, beautiful. I'm good enough. And Gosh, darn it, people like me. Yeah. It's either that or saying, I look horrible. I'm so fat. Oh, I'm not smart enough. What are the voices in your head. So as a kick off to this, and we're gonna go deep, I have many interesting angles for this. However, while I'm sitting here talking, I invite you to pull out your journal, plug your phone, carrier pigeon, if you must. But write down the voices that pop up in your head. I'm too busy. I don't have time for that. I don't have the right credentials for that. That's above my paygrade other people do that. I'm not welcome. I'm not fill in the blank. So what is the negative self talk that perpetuates in your head takes up space in your head rent free keeping you from doing what you're meant to do here on the planet. So this is the full on permission and invitation to take a minute to do that. Just a minute. I'm not saying take hours. Take a minute and write down what are some of the things and you know him? The things that come up. I'm too fat for that. Oh, I could never speak up for that. One of the ones I had was I'm not going to speak up or speak into this because I'm not an expert on this. I don't know the answers versus but I have learned in my transformational training and what I invite each and every one of you to do is is sharing is caring. What I am experiencing in me is absolutely happening in someone else what's happening in the eye is happening in the Wii is happening in the hall. So, if I am having a feeling about something, if I am expressing something if I, if there's something bubbling up inside of me, I get to be the one to voice it. For so many years in our culture, we have been told sit there and be pretty. Be Seen not heard. Did you hear this when you're too big tone it down. And these creep in to our being. And we adopt it as our own. And we nip our creativity, our voice, the wisdom that is inside of us, because we haven't worked the muscle. Mine was if it's not perfect, if it doesn't come out, 100% squeaky clean and shine Buckton shine, then I shouldn't speak then I shouldn't share whatever is coming up for me versus being messy, not really knowing where it's leading but needing to speak it into existence. So while I am talking right here, right now, what are the things that you've been holding back on? What are the voices that hold you back? It must be perfect. It must be right. You must be smart. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't have the right credentials for this. This is a big one that happens in women, that we devalue our innate intuition that is based in nature, that has been kibosh, and we haven't worked the muscle as much. And so it comes up messy, sometimes sometimes it comes out or we suppress it and it is what is needed. Your voice is needed in the world. So what is the thing that is blocking me? Because that gets to be released over this process? What is blocking me from my full self expression, even if it's messy coming out? I invite messy coming out. Messy is important. Messy is divine, feminine, messy is no beginning no end, it is rough waters, the feminine is water, it is unwieldy. That is while divine feminine energy, and that is what creates life. You're welcome. I hope I am stirring up, what is going on? What is the inner voice sang to you? Write them down. Nobody's gonna see this. It's you with you. You could share them with me if you'd like. Because sharing is caring. And when you share it, it activates that for other people as a possibility. When they see it in you. They can recognize it in themselves. So I invite you to share. All right, yeah. All right. All right. So affirmations once we release we clear the space, you're looking for things that resonate things to consciously slip in that space to fill the space because there's a law of the universe, where there is a void it will be filled. So we have the opportunity to consciously fill it. Now, in various seasons of our life. We have different needs. It may be I am beautiful, I am pleasure filled, I am smart. I am knowledgeable, I am wise I am sought after I am abundant. I am loved I am fill in the blank, you'll know what your need is. As this unfolds, I invite you again take the deep breath in. Let it Ouch. And just listen. Listen to what your heart needs. As I speak into this. Words matter. words create our world.

If words create our world, then we get to be conscious of the words we speak and what we put out into the world. That is what affirmations are for. This has been proven in the power of dr. Emoto toes work. Dr. Emoto is a Japanese scientist who revolutionized the idea that thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm for over 20 years. When he passed away in 2014. He studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sound and intentions. You can google him Dr. E Moto e m o t o on the Google Dr. Google and see the impact words have on the molecules of water. It is shocking. It's something you can actually do. I would show you my water bottle has love on it. Trust, abundance. Health. Words matter. You're made up of water. We're connecting the dots here. Am I right? Or am I right? When I put in to me when I mark myself beautiful, worthy, abundant receiving love. I am that the molecular structure of my body conspires in my favor. You can say on the EU scale that I'm going way off the EU scale, but it's scientific and science. You can't hit me up too hard on that one this time. So we have the opportunity to consciously create our actual DNA, what we say to ourselves impacts ourselves, we can powerfully create this through I am statements. I am abundant, I am loved. I am beautiful. Whatever you are affirming in your DNA, say it daily and say it out loud, daily, and say it aloud. So what do you need at this time on your emotional journey and I'm going to give you another quick tool. These are the worksheets that happen when you take the course okay? So where are you are in your transformational journey. Check in with yourself as I like to say close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and on your tummy. Ah, I am loved. I am healthy. I am happy. I am joy filled and pleasure filled, I am abundant. I am prosperous. I am impactful. What are the words that come to you and write them down? Now, here's the trick. So many times in our daily lives, we say I want sometimes when we're maybe manifesting or goal setting, say I want a new car, I will have a new car that I want and the I Will is in the lack space. When we are in affirmations we are in the already having it. It is already part of me. I am not missing anything. So just notice if you're saying I want or I will in your statements or as you go throughout the day. I will go to that meeting will you I am showing up at that meeting. I am at that meeting. I am the meeting. You see the difference in I want a new car. I am an owner of a car. Course I own a car. It's already done. And so it isn't so it is so I am claiming it as my own and for extra credit. A tool I learned from shaman Derek which I loved it during pandemic and clubhouse. You use the future past tense of it already happened. I loved when I got my new car and how I felt in my new and be specific Porsche Cayenne convertible with white seats. I loved how I cruised around town, and I felt powerful. So you're talking about it in the past tense. It's already happened. Our brain doesn't know the difference. The universe doesn't know the difference. It delivers it that much quicker to us. How many of you listen to Abraham Hicks. I have an invitation go to Abraham Hicks. Listen to how the vibrations match we are all vibrations we step into that we vibrate and match it in our bodies what we are calling in. So if I am a vibrational match for it, it comes to me that much quicker. All manifestation strategy you're not going into today, although these are very much tools to support you on that journey. So I am and fill in the blank. Let me know what your affirmation is for the day and then I invite you to exercise write it 50 times. Write it 50 times and feel it not just write it as an assignment. Write it and feel it I am abundant. What is abundant, feeling abundant. I pay all my bills I am abundant And I can eat wherever I want to eat, I'm abundant, I can go on any vacation I want to go on, they can buy anything I want to buy, right I am abundant. I am abundant. I am abundant. Go through this process of 50 times, and then write in a journal, write prompt, what it feels like to be abundant. One last thing I have for you as we are on our self care journey, this is see, compassion, curiosity, a affirmations here are 10 tools to self care. So obviously the physical, take a bath, eat well to physical, move your body, go on a walk, work out. Number two mental health, checking in on my mental health and well being taking the deep breath in and checking in. Number three, what are my patterns, noticing my patterns? As we're on this journey, you're going to start to notice where do I get triggered? What are my defaults? Where do I avoid? Maybe I buy right use money or eat or drink or sex? Or what am I patterns? I get into work as avoid avoiding my emotions. Number four, gratitude journaling. Journaling on what I'm grateful for in my life. Number five, expanding community, what are the people you want to surround yourself with and we'll get into this in relationships but who are the people you choose to spend your time with? Number six, personal growth. This is what you're doing here. I acknowledge you for showing up. Personal Growth, emotional intelligence, EQ. That's what we're here. That's what we're on the journey for new emotional intelligence. Our parents only know what our parents know. Or schooling. Our religion only knows what they know. Now we're taking responsibility for learning other possibilities and choosing for ourselves consciously, seven hobbies What are things that bring you joy, joy, for joy sake, no end game involved? What are your hobbies? I'd love to know some hobbies. Eight, downtime, downtime. Take a goddess soak, read a book, resetting yourself not always just going or trying to get to the end. Getting to the end is a very masculine trait number nine, eat healthy, eat clean. I was just at home in Kansas City and my experience of the grocery stores and fast food because there was never, I mean, once I got into certain areas, there were other options of healthy food. But even in the nice restaurants, there's bacon on the salads and ranch dressing. So eat healthy organic food that nourishes your body. And so serves our health and well being I did this better diet over the better be ETR over the pandemic and the inflammation that was in my body just decreased and I felt great. And it wasn't like crazy life changes but now I noticed I noticed what I'm not eating that way. I notice how it's very hard to find it in easy ways you have to be intentional. And number 10 good sleep. I have my aura ring. I track my sleep. I see when I sleep for long hours but I don't get good sleep and getting good sleep nourishes us keeps our heads clear so that we can live our vision in the world. Hello. So with that, I am done. I am complete.

I am inspired by you by this journey that we are on together. I am inspired to go out into my day to share more wisdom this gives me energy I feel energized which we'll get to in two more episodes. I hope this served you today. I do want to know what's resonating with you. It is important to me what you want more of we can go deeper on things so let me know what's landing and we will do more of it. I am here for you. Alright go out into the day and let's get lit. I am lit

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